Monday: More Rain; Good Experiences

cal_8179-a_resizeIt is Monday and raining again. That didn’t daunt us seasoned travelers. The truth is our guides were the ones keeping us on track.  George was up for the 6:30 am coffee run to the bakery.  After an early breakfast, all breakfasts are early on this trip, we traveled to the Point Reyes Bird Observatory for a walk among the local ecosystem to various mist net collection points. The nets capture small song birds for examination and banding. The PRBO has many years of records and uses this research to track trends in the bird population.

Next we walked among the tidal pools left from the retreating Pacific Ocean as it raced to reach low tide. With us were board surfers and kayak surfers and beach walkers. We entered the beach at Bolinas which is many respects is a fifties hippy community.

We moved our picnic from out-of-doors to indoors thanks to the rain. We are glad for our rain outfits today.

After lunch we travel to Samuel P Taylor State Park for a time among the large Douglas firs and giant redwoods. Inspiring. We took time to just wander off and be with ourselves in the midst of this majesty.

As the afternoon closed we make our way over to the an area of the San Andreas Fault famous for the 1906 earthquake. An 7:30 dinner ended our full and rewarding day. The rain? It hardly made a difference to us as we went about touring!

Sunday: 7 am – 8:30 pm day

cal_7418-a_resizeWow! Such a busy day. It started with a “lets get at ‘im” breakfast. Immediately following we drove to the end of the peninsula and the Tule Elk Reserve. Yes, we did see many elk as well as numerous wild flowers. Following this we walked down to McClures Beach and our first “up close and personal” encounter with the Pacific Ocean.

We picniced for lunch in a group of Douglas firs and coastal live oaks. It was there that I got a series of images of the Acorn Woodpecker.

Soon after we were at Point Reyes with its lighthouse, sweeping ocean views, and various sea mamal viewing locations. The rain and following fog of early morning were now completely gone and I was able to take some, I hope, remarkable images.

Judy and I both walked down to the lighthouse  AND the 309 steps back up! They say this was like climbing a thirty story building.

After dinner we arrived back at our room about eight-thirty.

The adventure continues.

What Do You Do On A Rainy Day?

Golden Gate BridgeIt rained today.

Despite the wet, the day was full and we saw much.  After breakfast we drove through San Francisco and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. The rain was light the first half and moderate the other.

We drove California Route One – a rather narrow, twisty highway going up the coast and into the Point Reyes National Seashore. Along the way we topped Mount Tam, observed Harbor Seals and had lunch in a bird blind at Audubon Canyon Ranch. Yes, there were many birds and the large and unattractive banana slug.

We continued up Route One leaving it to make our way over to Chimney Rock at the Pacific Coastline. We observed the elephant seals along the beach and the many wild flowers in the fields along the trail.

By five we were at PR Seashore Lodge our home for the next couple of days and rather tired. Supper was at seven-thirty. I am finally now at ten o’clock getting ready for bed. Tomorrow morning comes early.

In San Francisco

night-heron-cal_6015We are in San Francisco after easy flights that were spot on time. Our group is assembling. The first get together is tonight followed by dinner out. Eric and Colby our guides from Natural Habitat ( greeted us. I am ready for a great experience out in the various habitats along the California Coast. Eric is a professional wildlife photographer – I hope to learn much from him.

Presently it is raining here at the Inn on Oyster Point. The locals are delighted. It’s been dry. Our room at the Inn over looks San Francisco Bay. The fire place warms us as we nap and relax overcoming jet lag. My stomach and body tell me it is six-thirty. My watch tells me it is three-thirty.

After arriving, camera in hand we walked along the Bay. Yes before the rain. There were various duck species in the Bay. A dowitcher was runing in the mud flats. While watching the ducks, a pair of Night Herons flew up – impressive.

Okay that’s it for Friday, May first.


view from our room

Adventure West

Adventure George and Judy are heading west. West to San Francisco, Point Reyes and Yosemite. “Eight days,” says George of great picture taking.” “Not more pictures,” says Judy, getting in practice for the trail.

“You can follow our Adventure by logging back into this blog daily. As long as the technology permits, there will be a daily post.”