Clouds Thicken and Darken

Taken from the series of images on Fairyland Point Blues. These images are from Bryce Canyon National Park, Fairyland Point Overlook. The time of day, the darkening skies in the distance but sun in the forefront added to the evanescent of the scene and softened the pinks and blues.

image By George
copyright ©2008 GCheatle

Monday: More Rain; Good Experiences

cal_8179-a_resizeIt is Monday and raining again. That didn’t daunt us seasoned travelers. The truth is our guides were the ones keeping us on track.  George was up for the 6:30 am coffee run to the bakery.  After an early breakfast, all breakfasts are early on this trip, we traveled to the Point Reyes Bird Observatory for a walk among the local ecosystem to various mist net collection points. The nets capture small song birds for examination and banding. The PRBO has many years of records and uses this research to track trends in the bird population.

Next we walked among the tidal pools left from the retreating Pacific Ocean as it raced to reach low tide. With us were board surfers and kayak surfers and beach walkers. We entered the beach at Bolinas which is many respects is a fifties hippy community.

We moved our picnic from out-of-doors to indoors thanks to the rain. We are glad for our rain outfits today.

After lunch we travel to Samuel P Taylor State Park for a time among the large Douglas firs and giant redwoods. Inspiring. We took time to just wander off and be with ourselves in the midst of this majesty.

As the afternoon closed we make our way over to the an area of the San Andreas Fault famous for the 1906 earthquake. An 7:30 dinner ended our full and rewarding day. The rain? It hardly made a difference to us as we went about touring!