Sunday: 7 am – 8:30 pm day

cal_7418-a_resizeWow! Such a busy day. It started with a “lets get at ‘im” breakfast. Immediately following we drove to the end of the peninsula and the Tule Elk Reserve. Yes, we did see many elk as well as numerous wild flowers. Following this we walked down to McClures Beach and our first “up close and personal” encounter with the Pacific Ocean.

We picniced for lunch in a group of Douglas firs and coastal live oaks. It was there that I got a series of images of the Acorn Woodpecker.

Soon after we were at Point Reyes with its lighthouse, sweeping ocean views, and various sea mamal viewing locations. The rain and following fog of early morning were now completely gone and I was able to take some, I hope, remarkable images.

Judy and I both walked down to the lighthouse  AND the 309 steps back up! They say this was like climbing a thirty story building.

After dinner we arrived back at our room about eight-thirty.

The adventure continues.

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