What Do You Do On A Rainy Day?

Golden Gate BridgeIt rained today.

Despite the wet, the day was full and we saw much.  After breakfast we drove through San Francisco and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. The rain was light the first half and moderate the other.

We drove California Route One – a rather narrow, twisty highway going up the coast and into the Point Reyes National Seashore. Along the way we topped Mount Tam, observed Harbor Seals and had lunch in a bird blind at Audubon Canyon Ranch. Yes, there were many birds and the large and unattractive banana slug.

We continued up Route One leaving it to make our way over to Chimney Rock at the Pacific Coastline. We observed the elephant seals along the beach and the many wild flowers in the fields along the trail.

By five we were at PR Seashore Lodge our home for the next couple of days and rather tired. Supper was at seven-thirty. I am finally now at ten o’clock getting ready for bed. Tomorrow morning comes early.

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