In San Francisco

night-heron-cal_6015We are in San Francisco after easy flights that were spot on time. Our group is assembling. The first get together is tonight followed by dinner out. Eric and Colby our guides from Natural Habitat ( greeted us. I am ready for a great experience out in the various habitats along the California Coast. Eric is a professional wildlife photographer – I hope to learn much from him.

Presently it is raining here at the Inn on Oyster Point. The locals are delighted. It’s been dry. Our room at the Inn over looks San Francisco Bay. The fire place warms us as we nap and relax overcoming jet lag. My stomach and body tell me it is six-thirty. My watch tells me it is three-thirty.

After arriving, camera in hand we walked along the Bay. Yes before the rain. There were various duck species in the Bay. A dowitcher was runing in the mud flats. While watching the ducks, a pair of Night Herons flew up – impressive.

Okay that’s it for Friday, May first.


view from our room

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