Peace along Lake Ontario

Irondequoit Bay InletThe sun was bright. The blues of Irondequoit Bay Inlet and Lake Ontario beyond were soothing to the eyes. The quiet of color reached the soul producing moments of serenity.

Such was the the mood during my mini-adventure to the inlet, scene of many and varied ducks during the cold winter months. Today I saw but one pair of long-tails, a couple of double crested cormorants, a lone loon, mute swans and assorted seagulls.

I was glad no “had to photograph” birds were around. My camera was equipped only with my wide angle lens (Nikon 20mm 2.8D). My goal was to get experience using it. My photo backpack was at home and not in the car. This is one more thing to remember. Even if I intend to use only one lens for a photo-shoot, it is wise to have my selection of lens available should that one shot demanding a different lens appear!

Though the swing bridge is now open to allow boats of all sizes to enter and leave the Bay, there were few water craft out and about. The temperature of the lake waters and the breeze blowing over it was bracing.

But letting the sun bathe one in a more sheltered spot was so welcome after Rochester’s cold dark winter months.

I love Rochester in the Spring!

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