Short Blues at Highland Park

The short blues are through the ground and blooming. Friday morning with the sun shining and the temperatures cool, I took my Nikon D700 camera with my Garmin GPSmap 60CSx connected and headed out. I went to Highland Park in Rochester, no more than a couple miles from my home.

The short blues, Siberian Squills, were beautiful. Large concentrations of them gave the look of a blue carpet covering the ground under and around trees and bushes. The color is one from a distance, but a closer look at the bloom reveals a dual coloring.

One patch of daffodils was blooming. This patch was on a bank that gets direct sun from early morning through early afternoon.

While there I saw Ginger whom I know from our time together with Third Church folk. We helped with restoration work in New Orleans. She was out for morning exercise so our visit was short. This sort of happening just adds to the enjoyment of the moment.

After an early morning of enjoyment taking pictures of the flowers, I headed off to the rest of my day’s activities.

Short Blues
Short Blues

Hello world!

This first post starts a record of my Adventures near and far.  As the first post, it is highly experimental. That is, I am experimenting using the features of this blog. For example, I am trying out different themes to get one with which I feel comfortable. Second, and as important to me, is the ability to use digital images in the blog itself. Finally, I want to be at ease in writing short descriptive records of my adventures for both myself and others. Practice, it is said, is the secret.