Barnyard Breakfast Sandwich By Sarah

A breakfast sandwich recipe sent to me by Sarah, of Sarah and Jim;  transplants both from urban New England to rural South Carolina. I mean rural as out in the boonies, rural.

Here is Sarah’s post with the recipe for Barnyard Breakfast Sandwich.
“I made Barnyard Grilled Cheese and Egg Sandwiches for Jim and me when we were burning (no firetrucks this time) our huge pile of yard debris out by the goat barn all day on Labor Day.

You fry the egg first (break yolk or cook hard so it won’t run when you bite into the sandwich) and make sure the whites are at least a bit crispy. Remove egg from pan and then make a grilled cheese sandwich but put the fried egg (or eggs, I used two eggs in Jim’s sandwich) in between the two slices of cheese while assembling the sandwich to cook. If you’re eating outdoors, wrap it in foil so you have a pouch to keep it warm and to keep it off any dirty unwashed hands.

Goes well with Gatorade. A good substitute for a fast food breakfast sandwich, and much tastier. You could add meat or hot sauce, too.”

Thanks Sarah.

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