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Flowers From Maxine’s Garden

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Sunday Afternoon
In Maxine’s Garden

Sunday afternoon, a time to rest and relax and take it easy and just do what I wanted. Answer no phone calls. Take no visitors. Enjoy myself.

As strange as this may seem, my wish was to immerse myself in Maxine’s front yard garden. Maxine, my landlady and occupier of the first floor flat, plants flowers in the front yard in place of a lawn. It takes the entire front yard.

For the past couple of weeks, whenever I walk up to the front entrance I hear my name called. “George!  George!”

I look around, no one is there. Finally I answered, “What?”

Clear as could be, the response came:  “Take our pictures.”

Oh great. Now I hear flowers talk. Regardless, Sunday afternoon I was taking pictures, just as requested.

Up and down the steps. In and out of the house. Try this and that shot. Plan, shoot, view. And do it all again.

To shoot the images and to work with them in the computer took my full attention. It consumed me throughout the afternoon hours.

At last I uploaded the finished photos to my flick account. Then I relaxed. Stress load reduced. Feeling the accomplishment.  All was good.

see these finished images at my Flickr site. Click here to go see them.
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Barnyard Breakfast Sandwich By Sarah

A breakfast sandwich recipe sent to me by Sarah, of Sarah and Jim;  transplants both from urban New England to rural South Carolina. I mean rural as out in the boonies, rural.

Here is Sarah’s post with the recipe for Barnyard Breakfast Sandwich.
“I made Barnyard Grilled Cheese and Egg Sandwiches for Jim and me when we were burning (no firetrucks this time) our huge pile of yard debris out by the goat barn all day on Labor Day.

You fry the egg first (break yolk or cook hard so it won’t run when you bite into the sandwich) and make sure the whites are at least a bit crispy. Remove egg from pan and then make a grilled cheese sandwich but put the fried egg (or eggs, I used two eggs in Jim’s sandwich) in between the two slices of cheese while assembling the sandwich to cook. If you’re eating outdoors, wrap it in foil so you have a pouch to keep it warm and to keep it off any dirty unwashed hands.

Goes well with Gatorade. A good substitute for a fast food breakfast sandwich, and much tastier. You could add meat or hot sauce, too.”

Thanks Sarah.

End of Summer Vegetable Stew

01 Vegetable Stew, originally uploaded by Adventure George.

Wondering what to do with those end of summer vegetables. I mean the ones in great supply.

Why not make a vegetable stew?  Keep it thin and add dumplings.  Make it thick and serve over biscuits.

This is an old recipe out there in many places. Adapted by the cook210, also known as Adventure George and Photo George. Yeah, the writer of this blog.

Follow the Recipe Below
~ Ingredients ~
+ large sweet onion cut into strips
+ three medium zucchini cut in slices
+ 3 or 4 pounds stemmed, peeled & quartered tomatoes or 2 28 oz cans peeled whole Roma tomatoes
+ 1/2 cup chopped cabbage (optional)
+ sugar
+ salt
+ pepper
+ spinach (optional)

+ Directions +
~ Sauté onions in Olive Oil
~ Add chopped cabbage
~ Add sliced zucchini
~ Simmer until zucchini almost soft
~ Add tomatoes
~ Spice to taste
~ Stew mixture until zucchini soft

A follow directions omitting cabbage
A serve as a vegetable side dish

B add optional spinach
B add dumplings: cook according to recipe for the dumplings
B serve as vegetables and dumplings

C add optional spinach
C thicken with dark roux
C served vegetable stew over biscuits

Comments by thecook210
don’t add the spinach too early as spinach cook quickly and if over cooked looses form
no spices other than salt/ pepper/ sugar are necessary as vegetable carry the flavor
catch the photos that go along with this Recipe – click here to view them

Your comments, suggests, ideas welcome.

SFES – The Summer Fried Egg Sandwich

Summer Fried Egg Sandwich
It looks oh so good!

When Maxine, my downstairs neighbor gifted me with a ripe tomato just picked from her plant along the house, I was delighted. There is nothing like the flavor of a home-grown, vine ripened tomato. 

But how to use it to best advantage?

It didn’t take long. I decided to use it in a Summer Fried Egg Sandwich. It helped of course that it was breakfast time and I hadn’t eaten yet.

The  Sandwich uses things one readily finds fresh on a farm: eggs, onions, tomatoes and whole grain bread. I collected what ingredients I needed, followed my recipe below and cooked up a wonderful breakfast for myself. I must say, it was delicious.

The recipe is simple and straight forward. The recipe follows. You find an illustrated version on my flick account.  Go to my Flickr account and see these pictures. Click here to see these pictures.

Here is the recipe.

  1. Collect the Ingredients:  olive oil; half a large sweet onion thick sliced (1/4 inch); fresh or dried basil; two fresh eggs; medium size tomato sliced; two toast size pieces of a hardy bread such as whole grain wheat, toasted.
  2. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to small fry pan, heat
  3. Place sliced onion whole, that is as sliced, into hot oil
  4. Sprinkle onion with dried basil or place basil leaf on onion (can use other spices depending on your taste. Oregano is another option.
  5. Flip carefully onion sections to cook other side.
  6. Crack eggs on onion.
  7. Toast bread
  8. Flip carefully when eggs about cooked
  9. Break egg yolks
  10. Slide eggs from pan to piece of toast
  11. Add slices of tomato
  12. Top with other piece of toast
  13. Slice and Serve

If you try this recipe or have suggestions or ideas POST A COMMENT. I’d love to hear how it went for you and what if any things you added. This makes cooking fun.