FIREWORKS! July 4th Albany, NY US

Fireworks Sky Burst
FIREWORKS BURST!  July 4th 2017 – Albany NY US

JULY 4th 2017, ALBANY:
My friends had walked up to Lincoln Park – it overlooks part of the State Capital Mall from where the fireworks were best seen. I was surprised at how well the “high riders” were experienced from my stay behind place on their front porch – Osborne Street in the City’s South End.

Back at my place, I spent well over an hour in the “light room” removing a power pole with transformer with attached wires and, a street light. Then cropped, centered the image a little off center and, adjusted the light to achieve the sense of the explosions that intruded into the nighttime darkness.

I went back to it several times after tweaking this or that.

“Fireworks!” – I’m pleased with the feel of this less than perfect image that none the less works for me.

I can hear thud of launch and the booms and cracks of explosion/ smell the sharp smoke/ see the suddenly brightened night sky full of color/ and hear the appreciative noise of the crowd: FIREWORKS! 08.

It is my hope that you can also.

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image by Photo George
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